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Bridging the Digital Divide

In the recent weeks it has become evident to me that effective digital learning solutions are more critical now than ever! The impact of the current economic situation has dramatically increased this need, but has also highlighted so many traditional, inflexible processes within our infrastructure that need to be urgently addressed.

As business leaders our priority should be to adopt new approaches to rapidly scale up educational technology initiatives. The solutions lie in the combination of process, people and technology, but what we have to first understand what it is we need to do.

Access and connectivity are our two major concerns in South Africa and other emerging countries, so technology alone is not going to solve the problem.

In 2018, 35% of the South African population used smartphones(Statista, 2019), 88% of South Africans have an active mobile broadband connection (We Are Social, 2018) and 42% of South African internet users watch videos on mobile (We Are Social, 2018).

If we increase the access to smart devices, reduce the cost of data and create efficient blended learning systems we will be able to start the bridging the gap of inequality.

We are using our expertise in providing virtual online learning contact centre support via video, chat and voice, and combining this with cutting edge tech, to create a highly effective engagement model.

We have recently launched “CallForce Engage” with the intention and focus of bridging the digital divide in our nation through the elimination of high bandwidth requirements and costly data.

We can now digitally engage with agents deployed in our contact centres, consumers who we are servicing or selling to as well as learners we are supporting in our specialist edtech division – we are committed to do all we can to bring effective digital communication to each industry.



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