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Job Title
Sales Supervisor
Employment Type
Full Time
3 to 5 years
Job Published
07 March 2024
Job Reference No.

Job Description

Job purpose:

The sales supervisor will be responsible for assisting the sales manager to ensure the optimal functioning of the business, its procedures and its systems. Operationally responsible for selected sales agents, coordinates the shift-based activities of these agents to ensure an adequate output of work is maintained. Handles the more complex queries in relation to for example sales orders, support, deliveries, and escalations. Performance will be measured in accordance with performance of direct reports and role based KPI’s.

Minimum education (essential):


Minimum applicable experience (years):
5+ years in Contact Centre's
3+ years in Contact Centre Management / Supervision

Required nature of experience:

  • Team management / supervision
  • Enforcing OP’s and Company Policies
  • B2C / DTC sales
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Working across different time zones with different countries

Skills and Knowledge:

  • CRM system experience (i.e. Salesforce)
  • E-commerce platforms (Big commerce, Shopify)
  • Conversion rates and sales funnels
  • Conflict management
  • Monitoring and measuring of performance metrics
  • Google Suite
  • Performance and probation management

Job description:

Planning & Reporting 15%

  • Liaise with manager to understand and articulate strategic direction for the team itself, as well as for the team’s product and system output.
  • Steer the direction of the team by communicating the strategy into a workable and efficient plan, presenting assumptions and recommending objectives as required.
  • Interpret sales reports and other relevant data, and advise on (and implement) midcourse corrections and/ or improvements.
  • Monitor management-approved key metrics and performance on each metric within a satisfactory range.
  • Report on performance on key metrics to management satisfaction.

Team Supervision 20%

  • Responsible for the supervision of Relationship Managers.
  • Ensure active management of team’s KPI's with frequent and proactive feedback.
  • Ensure there is appropriate and continuous team training.
  • Active monitoring and reporting of performance of team members with scheduled, regular check-ins, performance appraisals (in conjunction with the Hearing Hub Manager) and required documentation.
  • Monitor and manage peak times and operational capacity and allocate resources appropriately under guidance of the RTA and/or HHM.
  • Manage Salesforce CRM and the assignment of tasks, leads and priorities..

Sales 20%

  • Ensure team meets sales targets and KPI’s.
  • Monitor lead assignment and ensure wrap-up tasks (for example capturing the call outcome and notes) are completed accurately and thoroughly according to procedure.
  • Ensure agents action inbound sales calls according to procedure.
  • Drive the upsell of additional products to existing or (and prospective) customers.
  • Maintain a high sales conversion rate.
  • Ensure agents are equipped to assist customers with questions about hearing loss and hearing aid benefits.

Customer Support 10%

  • Managing escalations from the agents to solve problems for end users, and escalate to manager when necessary.
  • Manage customer cases and complaints in the CRM.
  • Handle escalated queries with discretion and efficiency.
  • Ensure agents maintain a high first contact resolution rate, without compromising customer care.
  • Ensure agents provide comprehensive troubleshooting and solve problems for customers to get the products working over either voice or video call, live chat, email or text message.
  • Ensure agents obtain and note quality information from the customers to allow for effective management of the relevant escalation.
  • Ensure agents offer our customers the best care by making appropriate call transfers, where the knowledge or skills of other team members are required.

Customer Experience 15%

  • Ensure customers have a positive view of hearX and Lexie/Go and the customer support team and processes.
  • Solve problems as effectively and efficiently as possible by reducing the time spent with each query; and encourage same behaviour within the team.
  • Conduct business in a professional manner when communicating and interacting with customers to ensure customer satisfaction; and encourage same behaviour within the team.
  • Maintain a high ‘customer effort score’ and ‘customer satisfaction rating’ in the Hearing Hub, across the board.
  • Ensure agents gather customer feedback via post-call reviews and the Lexie Rewards program.
  • Actively communicate with other staff members to ensure best practice customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure agents reinforce information provided on a call with texts and/or emails.

Continuous Improvement 10%

  • Provide continuous input on improvement of the hearing hub procedures and processes.
  • Provide continuous input on improving the customer experience and service.
  • Ensure key metrics stay relevant are continuously improved.
  • Assist with individual and team performance through performing audits on communication logs, emails and call recordings to identify areas for improvement.
  • Liaise with the Continuous Improvement Audiologist to maintain the list of FAQs based on queries logged by customers, and the corresponding responses.
  • Provide feedback to the Continuous Improvement Audiologist on the support material available that could be helpful to customers and staff.

Quality & Compliance 10%

  • Ensure communication is ethical and in line with Company Policy and provided training.
  • Monitor and enforce correct use of internal systems.
  • Monitor and enforce HIPAA Privacy Requirements.
  • Maintain customer records in accordance with procedures and HIPAA.
  • Perform QA assessments on agents.
  • Ensure agents maintain high QA scores, other KPI scores and customer satisfaction rate.




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