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How can South Africa help you enhance your CX

Map of South Africa
Map of South Africa

With customer experience becoming one of the key differentiators in why a client would engage with your brand, have you thought of where would be the best location to outsource to?

Fostering a customer centric approach needs to be priority – perspective and an in-depth understanding of the customer pain points are what deliver a relevant, personalised customer experience.

South Africa holds the title of The Most Favoured Offshore CX Delivery Location for 2021, which was awarded after the assessment of over 50 countries’ according to the annual Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey.

When investigating exactly what catapulted South Africa into the leading position in CX delivery, it quickly becomes clear why it is the best place to outsource CX operations.

It’s population tilts over the 60 million mark and contains 17.6% of employable youths (aged 18-35).

That’s 17.6% of trainable and digitally mature individuals who are entering or already form part of the country’s labour force.

Skilled experts are also found in abundance as South Africa hosts a sizeable number of experienced top and middle management and our talent pool is large, accent neutral, and shares cultural affinity with many countries all over the world.

South Africa is ranked the second-best English-speaking country on the African continent and considered to be a skilled the most multilingual country. The diversity allows customers an adequate exchange of views.

This highly empathetic workforce presents opportunities that will help further enhance your current customer experience journey with the added bonus of potential cost efficiencies.

During the pandemic, SA’s agility in response to the pandemic and digital infrastructure proved to be extremely robust.

With lockdown restrictions forcing most to work remotely, a huge disruption was expected, but the transition to remote operations was smooth and quick, thanks to investments into digitisation of processes and agent engagement platforms.

These investments have advanced SA’s IT/ITES proficiencies, evolved contact centers’ omnichannel platforms, and propelled it’s CX and digital services to the top.

When comparing offshore destinations, we find that South Africa provides exceptional value for money.

The South African GBS sector holds many years of local and international expertise, and it continues to grow with each passing day with the support of the South African government in facilitating job creation within South Africa.

Let’s have a chat on how South Africa we can help you enhance your CX.

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