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Our operation is built on the premise of providing exceptional customer brand experiences in a cost-effective and operationally efficient manner through the delivery of customised, innovative contact centre solutions and BPO services from South Africa to the global market.

CallForce have proven that our talented South African workforce coupled with powerful technology and unprecedented process design will result high CSAT / NPS scores as agents are empowered to engage in complex conversations while simple work is digitised through automation.

Utilising the combination of our expertise and the knowledge of our client’s environment, we design, implement and manage customised BPO solutions, resulting in the improvement of business performance, increased investment in our economy and increased job creation for our society.

By partnering with CallForce you will be supporting our vision to contribute creating approximately 500 000 new job opportunities in South Africa by 2030.

In a world that is driving digital transformation and exceptional customer experiences, building a strategic partnership with CallForce will drive deep and meaningful collaboration that contributes to operational efficiencies.


our bpo solutions deliver

Increased customer retention

Digitised and customised customer journeys

Higher CSAT/NPS scores

Significant cost savings

Higher propensity to gain wallet share

Optimal customer engagement


We offer personalised touchpoints supported by culturally aligned teams, smart technology platforms and innovative processes designed to exceed KPI’s.

CallForce aims to build the optimum business process solutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our solutions bring every channel together, enabling our agents to engage in seamless conversations with customers across multiple channels.


South Africa has been recognised as one of the world’s leading BPO outsourcing destinations.

On the 7th of April 2022 the Annual Front Office BPO Survey announced South Africa as the Most Favoured CX Delivery Offshoring Destination for 2022. South Africa received 1st place in 2021 as well and has been ranked as the 2nd most favoured outsourcing destination every year since 2018, growing at approximately 22% annually.

We hope that this 1st place recognition two years in a row, and after a 2nd place ranking for the previous 3 years, will be a strong indication to the global market of the innovative, agile and professionalism within the South African GBS sector!

This well-deserved recognition is due to:


A strong customer service and sales culture.


Agility in its ability to support high growth industries.


Government incentives to support growth.

BPO expertise

Strong international and local BPO expertise.


Deep domain knowledge in a number of industry sectors including Financial Services.


Supported by BPESA, our professional BPO industry body and the South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).


Ability to deliver sizeable cost savings by increasing operational efficiencies.

SOPHISTICATED infrastructure

A sophisticated and resilient infrastructure to deliver at exceptional global standards.


A strong focus and shift toward digital capabilities and skills that enhance the customer experience.


Working towards achieving our goal in contributing to 500 000 offshore job opportunities by 2030.

A skilled talent pool

A large pool of skilled English-speaking and multi-lingual, accent neutral talent with digital skills.

a committed workforce

A highly empathic workforce with cultural affinities to geographies all over the globe.


Our global footprint ensures we effectively service and support our clients around the globe with an international team that understands each geography to successfully co-create, implement and manage innovative contact centre solutions and BPO services specific to your business needs and language requirements. Meet the driving force behind designing and implementing solutions that deliver the ultimate customer experience.


Candice Roberts


Candice is the founder and CEO of CallForce and dedicates her career to building CallForce to deliver customised outsourced solutions to global markets the South African including, UK, Australian, USA, and AsianEurope and South Africa markets.

Candice sits on the Endeavor board in South Africa and represents Gauteng at an Exco level for BPESA.  It is thanks to her that CallForce has been recognised by these international entrepreneur incubator organisations as having a high potential for growth and job creation in a developing country.

She is recognised as one of the key thought leaders in the outsourcing sector of South Africa and a top driver of youth job creation in South Africa.

In line with her ethos of “paying it forward”, Candice sits on the Endeavor South Africa board, as well as representing Gauteng at and exco of BPESA Exco level.

Her key strengths include:

  • – Customer experience enhancement optimisation
  • – Strategic leadership
  • – Entrepreneurship
  • – Relationship management
  • – Facilitating job creation across South Africa
  • – Spearheading the BPO movement from South Africa to across the globe

Roshan Sookdeo

Director: Global Outsourcing

Roshan is the Global Outsourcing Director for CallForce focusing on growth, acquisition and relationship management.

He sits on the professional designation board at the CCMG, overseeing our global strategy in creating BPO opportunities within Asia, Australia, South Africa, UK and USA.

With extensive experience within the BPO sector, Roshan has made a significant impact on the Telecommunication sector and is recognised as a keynote speaker educating the market on the value of CX, journey mapping, process design and methodologies and is well respected for blue collar Outsourcer achievements.

His key strengths include:

  • – Customer experience
  • – Customer relationship management
  • – Job creation for the South African market
  • – Skills enhancement
  • – Contact Centre optimisation
  • – Business Growth
  • – Omnichannel solution expert



  1. Pamla is the Head of Operations for Johannesburg and Durban and encourages an environment of collaboration, knowledge share, innovative thinking, flexibility and inclusion that builds a vision of togetherness and purpose in the contact centre space. 

With over 15 years operational experience for contact centres across a number of industries, she focuses on 3 key pillars in driving innovation and creative thinking:

  • – The right people that are closely connected to the culture and vision of your business
  • – Operational efficiency in process management that continuously evolves with the needs of our customers

  • – The right technology that enhances both the customer and agent experience at every step of the customer and employee journey

Her focus is to ensure that the needs of our employees and our customers are met with equal importance by interacting the right way, through their preferred channels in both our customer service and sales campaigns as well as our internal communication strategies.


Head of Operations - Western Cape

MushfiQ brings an educated viewpoint to the contact centre space as a seasoned Contact Centre leader with over 23 years’ experience in various disciplines including the operational management and optimisation of Customer Services and Sales campaigns in both in-house and BPO operations.

He currently sits on the board of the ICCCA (Independent Customer Contact Centre Association) and his ‘Pay it Forward’ philosophy is a key driver behind his devotion for both contact centre career and leadership development.

Some of his key strengths include:

  • – Identifying, building, growing and motivating strong contact centre operational teams

  • – Making a positive impact within our communities by contributing to the creation of purposeful careers that support the industry goal of 500 000 new job opportunities before 2030

  • – Business optimisation and strategic optimisation on campaigns


We service and support businesses all over the globe by understanding the geographic requirements and local challenges to successfully co-create, implement and manage BPO solutions specific to your business needs.


Are you looking for a large, tech-savvy English-speaking talent pool?


Are you looking for a culturally aligned location for your contact centre at competitive rates?

south africa

Are you looking to optimise your customer engagement using innovative omnichannel solutions?


Are you looking for an outsourcing partner that can provide a culturally aligned, agile solution?


Are you looking for a cost effective, professional solution to deliver an enhanced customer experience?


If you’re looking for a customised, outsourced BPO solution that gives you the competitive edge, we would welcome the opportunity to set up time to define your requirement, support the development and execution of your business strategy and discuss how we can bring the future of outsourced BPO solutions that drive growth, profitability and efficiency. 


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