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Is self-service jeopardising your customer experience?

Self-service serves a vital role in the delivery of efficient customer service, especially for simple customer queries, but self-service prompts that keep leading customers to a dead-end cause extreme frustration and a significant depreciation in the credibility of the brand.

Research confirms that 66% of contact centres do not provide their customers with the opportunity to move from self-service to an agent and one fifth of contact centres globally never make changes to their self-service journey. (Source)

These stats are very clear indication that a strategically aligned omnichannel solution is no longer a negotiable if you want to stay ahead of the curve in delivering exceptional customer service.
Successful omnichannel solutions are supported with smart technology platforms that unlock additional touchpoints for direct customer-to-brand communication. Some of these may be social media platforms, voice, web chat, live chat and email to name a few.

This will enable your agents to engage in seamless interactions or conversations with customers across their preferred channel of communication.

An omnichannel strategy minimises call volumes, reduces the backlog of customer queries and optimises client interaction and experience with the goal of creating a unique customer experience, every time.
Here is a quick summary of the CallForce customer engagement channels that support our successful omnichannel solution:

Voice – a single, digital interface for customers and agents to engage on a voice call to resolve more complex customer queries.

Video – Another channel that creates the opportunity to engage more deeply with customers, solve their problems faster and cross-sell more effectively.

Social Media – One of the largest growing communication platforms that also need to be monitored to professionally respond to important service requests and complaints in real-time.

Text – To support all customer types and communicate with them where they feel most comfortable.

Web chat – A proactive customer service channel that drives sale conversions and quicker resolution times in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Live chat – Allows agents and chat bots to facilitate more than one chat depending on the complexity of the query.

Email – Still one of the most widely used communication tools, providing a convenient channel of communication for those customers that would prefer to receive a response to their query in writing.

Self-Service – Professional, continually optimised IVR services with an added human touch.

If you are seeing a significant decrease in customer loyalty, it is probably time for you to have a look at the experience your self-service system is offering.

Now is the right time to change gears into omnichannel – it is guaranteed to meet your customers in their communication channel of choice in a relevant, authentic and efficient manner.
If you’re looking for a customised, outsourced BPO solution that gives you the competitive edge, let’s start the conversation today.

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