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Key factors for a high performing contact centre

People Process Technology Success
People Process Technology Success

We’ve all felt the frustration of poor customer service.

Wasting your airtime on long queues and annoying music only to be met with a transfer to a different department is a frustration we can all resonate with.

If you are delivering your service through a contact centre, customers may forgive you once or twice, but they will most certainly not forget a negative experience with your brand.

It has been recorded that an estimated 70% of customers do not complete a transaction after experiencing negative customer service. That’s a potential 70% loss in sales or retained business, a number that no business can ignore.

So how can you prevent such CX-related losses?

Speed, simplicity, and professionalism are the keys in building a customer journey that is relevant, productive and solution orientated.

In other words: what is your response time? what is your queue time? what is your resolution time?

These factors can only be enhanced with a balanced mix of quality technology, optimised processes, and competent people within your contact centre environment.

This is a powerful formula in meeting the expectations of your customers.

Let’s unpack this formula:

With increased customer demand, many different communication channels and types of enquiries to be dealt with, there are a variety of tech solutions developed for almost every scenario to support you in effectively engaging with your customers with personalised content and processes, all through their preferred communication channel.

By partnering with an experienced outsourced provider, you give your business access to the best technology and expert advice on the right tech solution specific to your business needs.

Omnichannel solutions are a priority in this digital age. They provide invaluable efficiencies, personalised experiences and data insights that not only optimise the operations of your contact centre but also connect your agents and customers with multiple channels all on one platform.

A customised, outsourced BPO solution has the expertise in combining customer journey mapping with the right omnichannel solutions that carefully define what your customer would like to experience as opposed to what the internal processes may dictate.

Quality technology and optimised processes are meaningless without the right human intervention. Speed and simplicity need to be delivered with professionalism for the true impact of a positive customer experience.

Finding, training, and retaining a quality team comes with its own challenges but should always be the biggest part of your investment when fostering a successful and efficient CX environment.

When partnering with a professional outsourced solution, you give your business access to a tech-savvy, customer-centric talent pool that understand the importance of delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Speed to productivity is one of the most valuable metrics when measuring the success of your customer experience, make sure you are giving it the attention it needs!

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