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Planning next steps in unchartered waters

Planning next steps in unchartered waters


COVID-19 has certainly changed the face of many businesses, including ours. It’s put our resilience and agility to the test as we find ourselves acclimatising to this new reality and new opportunities emerging.

As in many businesses and industry sectors, our previous 5-year plan is being reviewed and we are restrategising as we unpack the learnings from the last few months and evaluating how that impacts our short, medium- and long-term planning.

As we look to the future, we find ourselves having to consider some interesting questions that really challenge our old thinking. We need to be bold, brave and use our creativity to imagine our world in a year or two or three, and not only for ourselves but also of our clients and the sectors we primarily service.

This is vital as we craft our new strategy to optimise on the growth opportunities that are emerging while ensuring we remain relevant to our clients and in turn support their growth and evolution as we emerge from the COVID crisis.

Our main priority is still to deliver an exceptional customer experience – we need to listen carefully to our customers and understand that what we once knew is potentially no longer relevant or acceptable in this new world we find ourselves in. 

We are reanalysing our strengths and weaknesses, our potential growth opportunities, industry changes and pressures impacting our profits to design a roadmap for the future as we simplify our operations and forge a new growth strategy.

Our 3 main focus areas as we relook at our strategy and redefine “exceptional customer experience” are:


Ensuring our people have innovative technology and learning management support to simplify our customer journey with an omnichannel approach and secure, hybrid remote and office based models that prioritise the safety of our people, job creation and a positive brand experience for our customers.


Ensuring that we build a flexible, resilient business model for the future that continually evolves to meet our customers’ needs with authenticity, personalisation, quick resolution and positive impact.

Youth development

Building efficiencies in the BPO professional space by embracing the hybrid contact centre model to facilitate a better quality of life for the youth of South Africa through job creation in the BPO sector

We look forward to the next couple of weeks as we work closely with McKinsey to create actionable solutions that will open up new doors of opportunity and allow us to boldly tackle this new world with confidence and continued passion to grow both CallForce and the South African GBS sector to 500 000 jobs by 2030.

It’s time to collaborate and share among our peers. Reid Hoffman (CEO LinkedIn) and Endeavor global board member recently shared an important point to consider on an Endeavor webinar which is “you are only as powerful as your network”, wise words indeed. We must seek our answers and challenge our thinking outside of our cocoons, as now is the right time to make change and create our own new reality in this post COVID opportunity landscape and the reality is we can’t all possibly have the answers but as a collective we have the power to find the right answers.

We are looking forward to much collaboration within our network over the next few week and months!

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