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South Africa: The CX Destination of Choice

With South Africa being named the Most Favoured Offshore Delivery Point by the 2022 Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office CX Omnibus Survey, alongside India for the second year in a row, South Africa continues to reaffirm the delivery of high quality CX services that are recognised on the international stage.

How exactly does this African nation keep pushing the boundaries of CX delivery?

  1. Understanding ever-changing expectations of customers
    The number of internet users has doubled from 2.27 to 4.95 billion in the last 10 years*. 
As the level of digital adoption increases, so do customer expectations. 

    A contact centre must cater for this, and we know it cannot do so effectively without understanding consumers’ current experiences and expectations.

    SA’s CX experts stay on top of customers’ everchanging needs and demands. It’s dynamic CX environment allows the country to recognise and adapt to these changing demands, so it does not impact the quality of CX we deliver. This gives brands a top CX service delivery destination that your business can consistently rely on.

  2. Understanding challenges

    In an everchanging, digitally inclined society, factors such as the increasing number of communication channels and changing customer demands are forcing contact centres to adopt a flexible strategy that prioritises these changes. 

    South African service providers understand this, which is why we always think about how to solve common CX challenges, such as:

    • Being reachable on all your customers’ preferred channel of communication
    • Providing effective support to complex queries when customers need it
    • Keeping low response time on all channels
    • Optimising quality consistently

  3. Expertise

    South Africa is an industry leader in contact centre operational standards and has a strong talent pool. With readily accessible talent and an experienced workforce with high EQ, excellent written and conversational skills, as well as a cultural affinity with the UK, US, and Australia, some of the few other key factors that make South Africa experts at CX include:

    • Offer superior digital CX and EX 
    • Resilient infrastructure
    • Reliable local BPO/GBS community 
    • Strong foundation in large-scale contact centres 
    • Specialised niche-type operations 
    • Regional and domestic market growth opportunities

  4. Cost
    South Africa offers both local and global brands competitive prices for customer experience solutions which could save businesses looking to outsource to South Africa significantly on their bottom line.

    With over 2 500 contact centres operating at an international standard, it becomes extremely clear why South Africa keeps winning in the business of offshore CX delivery services.
    It is most certainly a winning combination.


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